For any information regarding advertising, please contact the development department:

Phone: +7 (495) 937-0440
ext. 3048
Olga Reshetnyak, advertising manager

«Kapitoliy» offers its tenants and third party advertisers a wide range of advertising opportunities. Advertising in the "Kapitoliy" shopping centers - is not only a constant contact with the millions of visitors every month, but also an opportunity to present your brand in a positive light (fashion publication). You can select a specific media based on your needs and budget, and the advertising department specialists will help you choose the most effective media.

Your ad can be seen on the front of the shopping center, light boxes inside the doors, escalators and elevators, and you can conduct any promotional campaign (samplings, tastings, encouraging interaction with your customers, etc.) In addition to the standard media in the shopping center there are other possibilities like radio advertising and navigation panels. We are always open for discussion of new advertising opportunities within our shopping centers.