Kapitoliy Sergiyev Posad

Children club "Kapitolka"

01.04. Interactive program "Joke-show"

• Who does not dream that at least once a year you can joke, make hooligans,
play out, absolutely with impunity !?
• In the "April Fool's Day" on April 1 this will happen! A fun festive program is filled with rallies, musical games, comic
contests and charades, humorous
• Participants will compete in the game "believe-do not believe", experience themselves in situations
"cheating", they compose "chastushki-
zaviralki "and will become popular actors
fairy tales.
• And also, we learn that smiles and laughter have their own rules and will hear an excursion to the best world rallies.

08.04. Master-class "Easter composition"

In honor of the Bright Holiday of Easter, children will create original spring
compositions with traditional Easter symbols.

15.04. "Magic Day" in the Capitol

A magical performance from a famous illusionist. In a programme:
• Levitation
• Manipulation (work of hands)
• Interactive (focuses on communicating with the viewer)
• Transformation (color change)
• Occurrence and disappearance of different objects
• Illusion equipment (various special items)
• Special effects (smoke, flashes of pyroshnur and paper, confetti)
• Room with fire (safe and very impressive)
• Master class from the School of Wizards

22.04. Master-class "Pillow-heart"

• Participants in the master class will prepare a surprise for their loved one.
• Soft pillows with a decor created by children will melt any heart.

29.04. Quest "The solution of the message of Tutankhamun"

• A fascinating quest with rebuses, mysteries and lots of surprises!
• In the Ancient Ages when the Pharaohs ruled
the lands of Egypt, something happened ... Pharaoh Tutankhamun, left his descendants a secret message, but here's the trouble, traveling in the centuries, it's lost ... And now only the most
courageous and smart, will be able to find that "mysterious"
a message from Tutankhamun himself.
• Children will go to ancient Egypt, where they will meet with mummies, penetrate into the secret tomb, compose spells in the Egyptian language.

06.05. Master-class "Case for glasses"

• The case for glasses is an indispensable thing especially in the summer. With the participants of our master class, we will create a stylish case that protects sunglasses from damage and becomes a favorite summer accessory.

13.05. A physical show with Professor Eureka

• Interactive physical show with a lot of cognitive experiments and experiments on the laws of nature: speed of sound, fluid density, tactile sensations, liquid nitrogen.
• Guys will learn what inertia is, atmospheric pressure, and what kind of electricity exists on the planet.
• It turns out that physics is not only scientific books and complex instruments, not only huge laboratories. Physics - it's also tricks, it's funny stories and funny toys-homemade.

20.05. Master Class "Magic Kaleidoscope"

• A kaleidoscope is a truly magical invention of mankind. Looking into this miracle pipe, you can get into an amazing world full of unique patterns and
colorful images. Children love these toys for their unique properties, adults are recommended to look in a kaleidoscope to relieve stress and find new inspiration.
• In our master class, children will decorate the handset with a decoupage technique. Their
can be decorated with ribbons, fabrics, colored cardboard, rhinestones and any other elements of decor.

27.05. Game show "Have time in one minute"

• A game show in which participants perform a series of tasks - Challenges in just one minute.
• Players are waiting for funny tasks, in which, it would seem, there is nothing complicated. But this is only at first glance, because the players have only a minute!
• An exciting game for both the participants and the audience will give a lot of vivid emotions.

03.06. Master-class "Kites with their own hands"

• On the eve of summer, it's time to launch a kite together with the baby! And it's not difficult to do it yourself. Enough to be patient and give space fantasy.

10.06. Talent show

We invite the most creative guys to take part in a unique talent show. Participants of our creative contest will feel everything that real heroes of television shows feel: adrenaline, a charge of emotions and positive energy.

The show takes place in several stages:
• At the beginning, each participant presents his talent (song, dance, poem, tricks, etc. - preparation together with animators will take place on the spot).
• Then our professional jury of two mentors will create their own "talent teams", but the decisive word for which team to join remains for the participant, which makes the show no less interesting for the audience!
• The second stage is a rehearsal of the performances of teams with mentors and a grandiose performance.
• In the final, our viewers will select winners using secret voting. Will not disclose all the secrets, but there will not be losers in our contest!

17.06. "Holiday of football" in honor of the opening of the World Cup - 2018

• In honor of the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Capitol is hosting a football festival for its young guests.

In a programme:
• Freestyle show: Performance and master class from freestyle champions.
• Aquagrum and paraphernalia of fans
• Rehearsals of cheerleading and dancing
• Football competitions and prizes from the Capitol

24.06. Master class "T-shirt of the fan"

• In our master class, children will create a print for the fan t-shirt.
• At the end of the master class will be a photo shoot in T-shirts.