Kapitoliy Sergiyev Posad


Tel.: +7 495 956-27-30




  • WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Delivery
  • Packaging of goods
  • Corporate events, banquets, parties, birthday parties for children and adults, the presentation
  • Service setting the digital technology

10:00 — 22:00

A chain of blini kiosks and restaurants 

By far and away, the best fast food restaurant on the Russian market is Russian through and through. Teremok is a chain of blini kiosks and restaurants that have grown to over 200 locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg specializing in blini served with sweet or savory fillings. Teremok also serves kashas (porridges), served with things like slivered almonds and sweet fruit fillings. Uou can always try try the pelmeni with sour cream. The sour cream will be 50% fat content and will melt in your mouth. Try finding that anywhere else.