Kapitoliy Vernadskogo

Space weekdays in Cosmic

New Year is over but Cosmic continues its' festive events!

In the period from January 9 to February 10 in all Cosmic amusement parks there is a special offer - 50% discount on all services on weekdays! Visit us every day and enjoy your favorite entertainment at good price.

On Monday, we will please you with special prices for Interactive playground

On Tuesday - bowling

On Wednesday, the discount will be valid in billiards, laser tag and quests

On Thursday - laser tag and bowling

On Friday, play for half price, you can in the children's maze!

And best of all - from Monday to Friday - 50% discount will be valid in our restaurants and cafes * family.

Cosmic entertainment center is presented is Kapitoliy Vernadskogo, Kapitoliy Sevastopolskiy and Kapitoliy Sergiev-Poasd