Kapitoliy Vernadskogo


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10:00 — 22:00

Cooking is an art!


Cook House – first federal network of kitchen goods.


Shops and cooking school COOK HOUSE are oriented towards middle class and a modern citizen of a megapolis. Fast food culture is slowly becomes obsolete and in turn healthy food, cooking for hobby, and home cooked meals are back. Family cooking is more and more trendy now so the process itself is turning from boring and tedious activity into creative process full of wondrous discoveries. COOK HOUSE is created exactly for this kind of people. Friendly and warm atmosphere, wonderful selection of kitchen goods and interesting cooking lessons, like a magnet, bring our customers back again and again.


In the COOK HOUSE flagship store in the shopping center "Kapitoliy Vernadskogo" there is "cooking school". In these schools many different master-classes, during which under the guidance of experienced chefs, you can learn how to easily prepare meals from around the world. Classes are held every day. You can visit one master class or the whole series of lessons. There are master classes for children, master classes dedicated to a specific product or a festive event like the New Year, 8 March. Class chef will not only show how to prepare the dish, but also teach the basic techniques that will reveal the secrets of cooking.